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March 30, 2012
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Hazel and Rose Reference 2012 by toto999jr2 Hazel and Rose Reference 2012 by toto999jr2
Hazel Anne and Rose Flow. Or "The Twins".
(Last name is Taruntan)

They're Mingan's children. They're mamma's girls and are little horrors to anyone else.

They're 3 years old, but have matured quickly. Both from being animon (who mature faster then humans until they're about 6, then it begins to even out) and from their environment.

Hazel is more outgoing then Rose; she insults strangers a lot and seems to dislike a lot of people. She clings to Josh defensively and has convinced herself that he is her father. She pushes Rose around a lot, but also defends her and helps her if she needs it.
Hazel has bat wings with 3 "fingers" on them.

Rose is slightly more fragile then Hazel. She's shy, but still enjoys tearing up the house. She's terrified of Josh, and somewhat jealous when he gives Mingan attention. She's constantly hurting herself, and relies on Hazel to help her for the smallest things (such as standing up after falling down).
Rose shows some feline in her tail, and some raccoon in her ears.

They both love Jenna... A LOT.

Mingan tries to keep them healthy, but they're exposed to a lot of bad things (alcohol, cigarette smoke, chemical fumes, ect) because of the Deadbeats. Mingan's slightly torn between leaving them at her parent's house, where she herself doesn't feel welcome, or exposing them to the dangers she lives in.

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