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Young Sparrow by toto999jr2 Young Sparrow by toto999jr2
This was done traditionally; I only coloured it digitally.

Anyone remember this story [link] ?

Nah, I thought not.

Anyway, I'm rewriting it to publish it... Not on it's own, though. Going to be rewriting a lot of my old short stories (most weren't posted) and have them put into one little book.

Here's a small extract:

Young Sparrow turns her beak up with arrogance, “Oh but why should I stop my song when I sing so fair about the air? I am free and I move faster than any bird that flies the skies – of course I must include that I exclude Hummingbird – but why should I stop? When you try to catch me you will just drop-drop-drop!” Young Sparrow began to laugh at Mother Wolf. “You cannot fly! You cannot fly! I am free with nobody to stop me screaming about my sky!”
Mother Wolf growls at Young Sparrow, “You are rude, Young Sparrow! Rude and cruel! There are young ones trying to sleep! Hush your voice! Hush it now!”
“Rude? Rude am I? Hah!” Young Sparrow laughs, “Maybe I am, but I am free, and that’s all that matters to me!”
“Selfish animal!” Mother Wolf snarls at the bird, “You rude, thoughtless, selfish thing!”
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